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WELCOME YOUR CLEVELAND, COLUMBUS, INDIANAPOLIS, KANSAS CITY, SALT LAKE CITY & ST. LOUIS FRIENDS INTO THE BIG LEAGUES:  We’re so excited to announce that as of today we’re officially live in 36 cities. 

DOUBLING OUR SIZE IN 2018: We launched 23 cities in 2017 but in typical League fashion, we’re the competitive type and want to make sure we surpass that number this year for a new 2018 record! Care to place a bet? How many cities do you think The League can launch this year?

Friend don’t let friends date down…


columbus_infographic2 indianapolis_infographic2 kansascity_infographic2 saltlakecity_infograpic2 stlouis_infographic2





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iphonex_allison_resized-01_1024On Making One’s Profile #Leagueworthy…

PHOTOS – Your photos are your first impression to your Potential Match, so choose wisely! Here are some quick tips:  If you don’t have a kid, don’t put pictures with a kid. It’s just confusing. Don’t put your ex in your photos. No selfies. No exceptions Show 1-2 full body shots. Clear face photo. Take off the sunglasses. No group shots unless we can still clearly see you. Have a friend hotter than you? Don’t put them in your photos. The people in here are busy and don’t have time to waste hunting down what you really look like on Facebook. You’re going to meet your Matches in-person eventually so they will find out what you actually look like!

ABOUT ME We put a character limit on this because Leaguers don’t have time to read novels. They’re busy.

INTERESTS We pull some stuff from Facebook to get you started, but have fun with this one. Make sure to list interests that are unique and specific to you– rather than saying “watching TV”, list the show you’re currently binging! Instead of saying that you love Football, list your favorite team! These specific details will help you stand out from the rest of the pack because (news flash) everyone and their mother loves hiking and brunch!

EDUCATION & PROFESSION We pull this from LinkedIn, so edit it there to make sure your deets are up to date! You’d be surprised how many Waitlisters forget to fill out this section altogether!

PREFERENCES If you’re only trying to date 6’4″ people within 1 mile from you, then your wait will be a lot longer. Also, once you’re in, the number of people who will see you is much smaller and your Match Rate will be low. Bear in mind our Drafting team does the vetting for you, so even if you widen your preferences a bit you can feel confident that every Potential Match you’ll see is great!

ENDORSEMENTS Members only clubs are way more fun with friends…trust us! Know someone totally #Leagueworthy? Be sure to send them an Endorsement via Settings! You’ll receive 1 complimentary League ticket for every friend that uses your specific Endorsement link to download The League and create their profile!  

(ONCE YOU’RE IN) PRESENCE Log in regularly so we can learn your taste. The more people you ‘Heart’, the more Matches you will have. It also helps the algorithm learn your preferences. The matching logic prioritizes users who are logging in regularly over users who aren’t, and non-Flaky users over Flaky users.

Okay now that you know what you’re doing, get out there and show us what you got!



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It’s Complicated dives into the oh-so-complicated world of dating and relationships with funny anecdotes, opinions, guests and games.  While celebrating their antics, sometimes with a mimosa or two, Jennifer and Lauren cheers to what they’ve learned and are still learning…one adult beverage at a time. It’s Complicated is a guilty pleasure, as well as a roadmap for singles and couples and like an ex you just can’t quit! 

Listen to our Founder Amanda Bradford as she discussing everything you need to know about Ghosting!




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Check our CEO & Founder Amanda Bradford on Date/able as she talks about dating on The League. Hear her discuss the reasons she created the app and her mission to change gender roles in society. She also talks about her own dating life as an alpha, career-oriented woman

Want to learn about how to get off our long waiting list or how to increase your score on The League? Make sure to listen in!



How To Go From The Match to Matrimony!

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In honor of the one and only St. Valentine himself, we had our data team pull some stats📊 on 100 LeagueLove💕 couples who have taken the next step in their relationship to find out how they got from match to matrimony🎊(or a new ER contact for some!). We also highlighted a few of our favorite LeagueLove stories on our website www.theleague.com/love.



Messages Sent: LeagueLove couples sent an average of 34 messages before exchanging numbers compared to other matches who sent an average of 10 messages. Yes that’s right, LeagueLove couples actually got to know each other’s personality a bit! If you and your match have each sent about 15 messages each, well, now’s the time to ask one final question and take it offline!

Message Content: Over 70% of Leaguelove conversations said each others’ first names and ended at least 1 sentence with a “haha” or emojis. While a few couples moved to text before scheduling, over 80% suggested meeting up in THE NEXT WEEK followed by a posible activity as part of their 34 messages.

Prior Matches: Our Leaguelove couples had an average of 84 prior matches before Hearting ‘the one’. This means this was not their first rodeo – sometimes you gotta kiss a couple frogs to find your prince(ess)!

Initiation & Engagement: LeagueLove women are go-getters! 1 out of every 3 straight League couples started with a woman messaging first. In the straight LeagueLove relationships that resulted in engagement, the woman spent less time per day on the app than the man did, but leveraged their Concierge 3x more and had 3x the initiation rate of a typical female user, even after normalizing for profile popularity.

League Score: Our LeagueLove couples all had extremely high League Scores.  What does this mean? In addition to having a popular profile that gets ‘Hearted’ a lot, a high League Score also indicates low flakiness, high initiation rate, and a solid attendance rate at our daily 5PM Happy Hours 🙂 The most interesting part of this tidbit is that our LeagueLove couples, on average, were only 1 standard deviation away from their partners League Score, whereas across all the matches in The League, the deviation is close to 3! This means our LeagueLove couples must have a spidey-sense to recognize others who use The League in an eerily similar manner!

Age Difference: LeagueLove couples have an average of a 3 year age difference average difference compared to non success stories with a 6 average age difference. Of course for some, age is just a number, but it looks like on The League dating those within 3 years of your own age may lead to a more long-lasting relationship!

Education Ranking: Over 50% of our LeagueLove couples went to colleges/universities that were ranked similarly in terms of cost and acceptance rate, and over 80% had the same level of degree obtained. Those who believe in investing a lot of money for their education tend to prefer others who also believe in investing a lot of money into education. Makes sense.

Game Changers: 20% of our LeagueLove users used a Power Move to ‘land’ their partner, of which half used the Power Move feature anonymously (the other user sees them right away but does not know if they had liked them already). The other half chose to Power Move explicitly, choosing to send a sweet or funny note to the other user via their Concierge and appearing in their feed with a filled in green heart to indicate interest.

While there may not be an exact science when it comes to love, but having these data points in your back pocket gives you a formula that has resulted in success.

– The League Team


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Whether you’re celebrating ‘Palentine’s Day,’ ‘Galentine’s Day‘ or Singles Awareness Day, our Events team has sourced the top 2018 Valentine’s Day events for singles. While we all love a good evening of crafting, Rosé and stalking our ex’s on social media, this year you should celebrate V-day proudly, loudly and Single AF!

Let’s all take a stand against these punny euphemisms for Valentine’s Day and reclaim this Hallmark holiday! Check out our list of awesome events and join our movement to take over Valentine’s Day!

– The League Team



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We know you like your NYE parties like you like your dating apps– highly curated options that match your selective preferences. That is why this year we’re curating your NYE parties like we curate your matches. How did we source them? Our Events team partnered with our Event City Scouts to find the best events in the below 15 cities by rating them across the following three categories:

  • Most likely to have strong midnight kiss candidates
  • Most amount of free-flowing champagne toasts
  • Least likely to have an unnecessary waitlist (although some of the best things in life are worth waiting for)

So if you were planning on hanging in with a bottle of wine, and some popcorn, take a look at our curated NYE events perfect for singles. With our list of all-star parties, the ball won’t be the only thing dropping it low this New Year’s Eve!

– The League Team



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Oh, the holidays: the time of year to close your laptop, sign out of your work email, and spend some quality time by the fire. Just kidding! We know you’re a busy professional who is probably answering pings on New Year’s Day! Between finishing up Q4 work goals and organizing the family for a holiday card, it may be hard to think about dating during the holiday season. Luckily, we’re thinking about it for you! Our goal is to optimize your dating life, so you can ABD (always be dating), and to help with this, we had our team pull stats on the best days to log in during the holidays!

You worry about the fruitcake and figgy pudding and we’ll worry about finding you a bae before V-Day

  • Best days to log in and swipe: Dec 11-13
  • Best days to send a message: Dec 22-24
  • Best days to exchange phone numbers: Dec 28-30
  • Best days to go on a date: Jan 4-6

– The League Team