Too Busy to Date? Learn to Make Time for Meaningful Connections

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It is easy to feel too busy to date, especially when working long hours, rushing to late dinners with friends, and squeezing in workouts at the gym. Here’s how to revamp your mindset and schedule to bring some romance into your fast-paced existence.

Let go of your picture of what dating looks like

You might need to challenge your current views on how dating should happen. Here are three suggestions:

1. Integrate Dating into Your Social Life

Constantly choosing between dating and seeing your friends? Why not combine the two? Andrea Bain, host of the podcast “Single Girl Problems,” points to a client of hers who found love by going on a group date with her single girlfriends and a group of single guy friends. She adds that this is a practical way to date without having to sacrifice the plans in your busy schedule.

“If I was dating right now and I met someone online, I’d invite them to join me on an outing I already had planned with friends — something short and casual like grabbing a drink after work or inviting them to stop into a birthday party I’m already attending,” Bain says.

Group dates have benefits in addition to saving you time. For one, they’re less awkward and less stressful because you don’t have to spend your entire night with the same person, writer Brittany Smith explains. You also get the opportunity to see how someone interacts in a group environment, which can help you see a side of them that you wouldn’t normally experience in a traditional one-on-one date.

This can also work well if you already have a game night or dinner night planned with friends. Inviting your date along can make the entire experience less stressful, especially if your date decides to bring a friend. Babble’s Krishann Briscoe suggests ideas for group first date nights including skating, miniature golf, wine tasting, a concert, or a cooking class.

2. Connect in Casual Moments

Think outside the box. If you don’t have time for long dinner dates, then small lunches, walks, coffee dates, and shopping might have to do, says Verily co-founder Kara Eschbach.

Double up! Meet someone while getting something done –  it can be a good compromise if it works for both people. When the person you’re dating is also a busy professional, he or she will understand your struggles and might also benefit from this model.

3. When it Comes to what Works, Set Your Own Rules

You might be bombarded with your married friends’ lives on social media. Or you might have friends in relationships who see their partners every night. Remember that everyone is different, and what works for you might not be what’s working for them. Your career may be more of a focus, or some of your friends’ relationships might be stale and the sex may have tapered off. Rather than measure what you have against facebook posts or friends’ experiences, ask yourself what’s most important to you and make a plan to see it through. This might mean a relationship where you only see each other on weekends, or one where you have one overnight date and one lunch per week. If it works for you, then there’s no reason to second-guess it.

Letting go of the need to meet expectations and norms can help you realize that quality is often more important than quantity. As the The Lipstick Project points out, it can free up more room to help you figure out how dating can fit into your life, while communicate those expectations to your dates.

Change Your Schedule — and Your Priorities

Busyness has become a rite of passage among modern professionals. The busier you say you are, the happier and more productive you must be, right? Life coach and writer Amita Patil disagrees. She believes that we need to stop glorifying busyness as a virtue in our culture. This is because many of us are busy doing things that don’t make us happy.

For busy professionals, finding time to date will likely mean giving something up. If you want to create more opportunities to meet someone, you have to prioritize it. Priorities are what guide our everyday actions.

Author Frank Sonnenberg explains, “Priorities serve as a guiding star to keep you on course… Every action that you take and every decision that you make will put you one step closer or one step farther away from your goals.”

Are you wanting to date but not prioritizing your search for matches? You’re likely making choices and taking actions that put you farther away from your goals. Part of this prioritization will require that you literally change your plans and cut out aspects of your daily schedule that are demanding too much time. If you’re not willing or able to make great sacrifices, consider carving out a small, consistent block of time for dating. For example, there might be one night a week that you can reserve as your dating night. This night can stay free whether or not you fill it with a date.

As writer Maria Del Russo explains at Refinery29, you can take an evening to yourself to spend some time decompressing alone. And if you do end up making romantic plans, you’ll always know that this is your go-to free day of the week.

coffee date - too busy to date

Transform Your Dating Mindset

Saying you’re too busy to date is an easy way out. Being too busy lets you avoid the potential frustrations and setbacks the dating experience might bring. According to clinical psychologist Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D, using busyness as an excuse might even be a coverup for letting in the right person..

On the flip side, when you prioritize dating, you create emotional and mental space for the possibility of finding the right match. Making room in your life will make you more open to dating, relationship expert Betty Russell explains. This will help you to recognize and hold onto your match when you meet him/her.

Russell adds that being vulnerable in the dating process can also help create more space in your life for finding a match. To make time for dating (and have that time be well spent), you must be vulnerable and open about who you are. This will ensure that the time you spend dating is more meaningful, even when it doesn’t work out, author and writer Marisa Donnelly explains. “The sooner you can be open about your past, where you’ve been, what has shaped you, and how you’ve changed—the sooner you’ll be able to have raw, honest, and beautiful relationships.”

Life coach Sharon Stokes agrees. She adds that people should take time to think about why they want to find someone, and what finding a match really means to them.

“We all live such busy lives these days and it makes it challenging to do everything on our to-do list,” Stokes says. “To make sure you’re able to focus on your priorities it’s important you ask yourself the ‘why’ behind everything you do. Once you have a deeper understanding of why something is important to you, it makes it easier to follow through with getting it done.”

Once you uncover why you want to date, your priorities will naturally shift to support this goal.

Although some investment of time is necessary, dating success does not directly correlate with the number of hours you devote. What’s important is that you know what you want, you make at least some time available, and you find creative ways to integrate dating into your life.

Date Smart in 2019: 10 Pro Tips

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Burned out by online dating? Ghosted one too many times? Time to refine your game. Kick off 2019 refreshed, positive, and optimistic with our 10 Top Dating Tips, complete with dating wisdom from relationship professionals.

1. Use Sophisticated Icebreakers

Are you opening chats with “hi” or “what’s up”? Come on now – you can do better than that! It’s competitive out there, so break the ice in creative and memorable ways. Not sure where to start? Take a tip from The Verge’s Megan Farokhmanesh: “If you want to be more than a bubble in someone’s DMs, treat them like more than a face in your matches.” To write a good opener, take your time and take the person in, following clues in their pictures and words. Take a risk while being respectful, be personal without being creepy, and be unique without trying too hard! It’s a lot to juggle, but with practice and a little faith, you’ll be firing off one-liners that instantaneously win people over.

2. Put Your Best Photos Forward

What’s the first step in creating a profile that delivers? Top-notch photos that look like you. Of course you at your best, but still you. Have you sat across from someone who didn’t live up to his/her picture? Not only awkward and disappointing, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Psychologist Marisa T. Cohen, Ph.D., author of “From First Kiss to Forever: A Scientific Approach to Love,” explains what online daters are seeking: “Women [are] more attracted to men displaying pride in their photos, like having their head tilted up, shoulders back, and an expanded stance. Men [are] more attracted to women displaying happiness, like a big smile.”

Photos are key. Find a friend who also needs to up their photos and make a day of snapping fun, genuine, and appealing pictures. As photos are the key to online dating success, you’ll find the investment well worth your while.

3. Message Less, Meet up More

Too much pre-date messaging can make first-date conversation challenging. It can also smother a spark. According to life coach and author Christine Hassler, “It’s like you’re on your second date in terms of info, but your first date in terms of physical chemistry, which can make things awkward.”

Too much information up front can interfere with good ole chemistry. The fix? Get to dating faster. If you find someone you like, be direct about meeting up a few days after matching and chatting. If they seem flaky or wishwashy, move on!

couple holding hands – Date Smart in 2019

4. Stop Playing Games and Start Breezing

“’Breezing’ is a simple dating trend that focuses on not caring. No, really. It’s about being carefree, confident within yourself, and not worrying too much about what you’re supposed to be doing and what [the other person’s] thinking,” journalist Giulia Simolo explains.

Instead of trying to anticipate what the other person wants, go about your day and meet your own needs. This approach isn’t selfish – it’s empowered. And to potential matches, it’s a refreshing change to a landscape that is oversaturated with over-trying and insincerity. Be the flame – the moth will come.

5. Let go of your fantasy and meet the person in front of you

Creating fantasies about future first dates can only lead to disappointment. Not only will a person not likely live up to your fantasy of an ideal date, he or she will never exactly match your fantasy. Psychiatrist and mental health expert Grant Hilary Brenner, MD, has discovered the following: “When people were overly positive…, disillusionment was very likely; …people maintain positive illusions in the absence of information about the other person, leading to a greater risk of being disappointed.”  When your mind wants to wander off into projections about what a person or a date will be like, do you best to stop it dead in its tracks and stay open to possibility. Not only will you avoid being let down, you may well set yourself up for the most meaningful of surprises.

6. Don’t Pre-Judge

Don’t draw superficial conclusions! Suspend judgment until meeting IRL. As millennial love expert Samantha Burns explains, “A judgment is an assumption… you’ll never know the truth about [someone] unless you put in the effort to talk or go on a date.”  Judgments might be coming from your defenses, and when you latch onto specific “flaws,” you might overlook a person who is an amazing match. Also, the heart might want someone the head disqualifies. “Always ask yourself why you’re ruling someone out,” Burns continues. “If it’s a superficial reason, you might fall into that ‘too picky’ category, in which case consider giving this person another look.”

7. Hone in on What You’re Looking For

It might be a good time to re-evaluate what you’re looking for in a date and why. We often focus on traits in other people because we want to fulfill an insecurity in our own lives. “If a person isn’t financially secure, for example, it might be something he or she is wanting within his or her own life, which is why he or she is finding it attractive in someone else’s,” psychotherapist Tristan Coopersmith says.

We all know the remedy: first fill those needs in ourselves. If we want someone else to show up in a certain way, we first have to show up for ourselves. Of course, as Ben Harper sings, “It’s so hard to do, and so easy to say.” Self-discovery is an ongoing journey.

wine glasses – Date Smart in 2019

8. Ask the Right Questions

While you don’t want to get stuck in endless messaging, it’s a good idea to ensure you and a potential match are on the same page. If someone’s religion or smoking/drinking habits are deal-breakers, it’s better to find out sooner than later. In addition, you might ask a few questions to get a feel for who people truly are and what matters most to them.

Writer Eiman Jawed offers 17 questions that can jumpstart the process of getting a true sense of a potential mate. A few examples: “Who is your biggest role model,” What about my profile stuck out to you?,” and “Why are you on here?.”

9. Be Brave

In this disposable culture of ghosting, do your best to stay brave, confident, and open. While being open doesn’t mean you wont get hurt, occasional heartbreak is a small price for a rich and fulfilling life. Relationship expert John Kim, also known as The Angry Therapist, puts it bluntly: “You can protect yourself by living behind your fear walls and you’ll end up creating a moat around your life castle. You’ll end up becoming a prisoner and merely exist instead of live.”

At the League, we do our best to value quality over quantity, placing the emphasis on fostering fewer quality connections over amassing great numbers of connections that are likely to fade. We want to minimize your chances of coming across ghosts and maximize your chances of meeting considerate, reliable, and real human beings.

10. Mindfully Consider Matches

Give an attentive and thoughtful read to your matches’ profiles. Jamie Price, co-founder and president of Stop, Breathe & Think, advises “Every step of the way, from swiping to replying, ask yourself if this is someone you’d actually want to meet up with or just white noise that will ultimately make you feel more stressed.” Without the noise, your intuition can take over and guide you toward the people you’ll really connect with in a meaningful way. Not only will this maximize your chances of meeting that special someone, it will also set you up for more connected first-date conversations.

Dating is no easy thing, but it is doable, and it can even be a lot of fun. We hope these tips set you up for the most pleasurable and successful of dating experiences in 2019!

Top 5 Worst Selfie Offenses

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TLDR; Those who don’t have selfies on their dating app profiles see a 3x higher Match rate than users with selfies.

As we’re sure you already know, June 21st marks one of the most abominable holidays of the year…National Selfie Day! At League HQ we’ve spent weeks pondering how on earth there could be a holiday to celebrate the lowest performing type of photo on The League. We asked our Drafting Team to break down the top 5 worst selfie offenses they’ve seen:


  • Car Selfies – There are better places to take photos than in the car. Period. We’ll put it bluntly… when we see a seatbelt and poor lighting it’s a no for us.
  • Mirror Selfies – You would think that after the advent of the front-facing camera these would have gone away but….nope! If you’re wearing a sharp looking outfit have a friend snap a photo of you, that way you can avoid a horrible flash right in the middle of your shot.
  • Gym Selfies – Okay, we get it…you work out! There are tons of other ways to show that you lead an active lifestyle besides a selfie near the free weights! Do you have a picture of yourself hiking or running? Not only will these types of photos highlight that you like to workout but will also show off what makes you unique!
  • Selfie Arm  – There’s nothing more awkward than a selfie featuring your forearm reaching out in front of you. Take advantage of your “self-timer” on your phone to avoid this type of shot!
  • Having a Selfie in the first place – That’s right, no selfie is a good selfie! Our data scientists crunched the numbers and found that those with a selfie on their League profile had a lower Match and League score than those without!

Are you ready to delete that selfie? Good!  Replace it with something better and message your Concierge for advice on which of your photos should be in the first position!

Top 5 Cheesiest Openers

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Over the past week, The League partnered with Netflix to market the release of SET IT UP! As part of the campaign, the main characters from the movie, Harper and Charlie, subbed in as Guest Concierges! They collected clever openers from League users, and after much deliberation, picked the top 5! Check out the winners below. Did yours make the list?


Dating Tips for Single Dads

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We all know dating with a busy schedule can be tough! Between a demanding job, an active social life and a solid workout regimen it can be challenging to fit in that League date. Imagine doing all that plus picking up the kids from school, dropping them off at soccer practice, and maintaining your status as ‘the cool dad.’

In honor of Father’s Day we decided to put together our top 5 dating tips for single dads sourced directly from the experts– single dads on The League!

Always Mention that you have Children in your About Me: Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy! Including the fact that you have children will not only help show who is really #1 in your life but will also help disqualify those who aren’t ready for your ever-changing schedule or to be someone’s step\parent!

Adjust your Expectations: In dating, we all have specific deal makers breakers. When you have a child, it’s important to de-prioritize your picky preferences in the name of finding someone who loves your child as much as they love you!

Scheduling is Key: Having a child can be very impactful on your schedule so when you’re interested in going on a date with someone, ask about their availability up front! Be sure to build dating into your schedule! You deserve a great date which won’t happen unless you set time aside to put yourself out there!

Remember Corny ‘Dad Jokes’ are in A silly and punny opener is always a great way to break the ice! Need inspiration? Just watch out for our Happy Hour push notifications!

Have Photos WITH your Kids, not OF your Kids: Your kid is cute and all, but if you’re thinking this will get you more ‘Hearts’ you’re wrong. Show off your cutest matching Yankees outfits or summer time swim shorts

While you’re in the process of putting these tips into action, check out these fatherly stats:



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In celebration of Pride month we’re throwing a competition to select and honor some of our most Leagueworthy LGBTQ+ users! With all of the ambitious and successful individuals on The League this is going to be a tricky task — which is why we need your help!  By June 15th nominate yourself or a friend by texting your Concierge #LeaguePride followed by a short description of why one of you deserve to be crowned one of our most Leagueworthy LGBTQ+ users! Time to polish up the profile!

Winners will not only receive a Pride box — filled to the brim with awesome League swag –but will also have their Profile Boosted throughout the rest of Pride Month! Plus, they’ll be featured on The League’s Instagram!

While you’re brainstorming about why you or your friend should be selected, check out these League LGBTQ+ community stats:



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At The League, we’re in the business of finding you potential dates that would make your mom proud. Awesome degree? Check! Cool career? Check! In honor of Mother’s Day we asked our Data Scientists to crunch the numbers behind how including a photo with your Mom affects profile performance. Let’s just say the results will be reason enough to demand a photoshoot at this year’s Mother’s Day brunch!

Users with a photo with their mom have a higher Match rate than those without

Yup, that’s right! Our data team found that users who have at least one photo with their mama have a 7% higher Match rate than those without and of those, 55% of them were men. So while you’re sitting at your Mother’s Day brunch make your mom and all your future potential Matches happy and take that family photoshoot your mom has been talking about for years. When uploading your newest picture, be sure to remember:

  • Photos of you and your mom at graduation are a great addition to your profile as long as your graduation wasn’t more than three years ago.
  • Selfies with your mom… are still selfies and not advised.
  • Try adding a picture of you and your mom participating in a shared hobby. Do you and your mom jet ski together or parasail? If not, a simple hiking or cooking shot will do just fine.
  • Got any fun holiday photos of you and your mom in holiday jammies? Out of all the ‘mom pics’ those saw the highest engagement.

Upload a picture with you and mom and message your Concierge #IMWITHMOM, to get a complimentary League Ticket! This will only be valid until Friday and you will see the League Ticket on your account within 24 hours.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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Stylish wealthy friends having fun on a luxury yacht

It’s the end of summer. You’re in Paris. On a yacht-boutique-hotel. There’s the Eiffel Tower set against a breathtaking sunset. Wake up to morning yoga. Followed by artisanal coffee. A week of meals with the finest farm-to-table spread. An all-day-long open bar. Included excursions at each destination. You’re surrounded by smart and interesting people. Most of whom are easy-on-the-eyes. You’ll be in one of the most glamorous cities in the world. Your non-single friends are envious.

No one in your office is actually working in August anyway. You deserve to indulge. You won’t have to open your League app once because all the most important people will be there. You have seven days to escape. A chance to fall in love at the Louvre. Life. Is. Good.



Once booked, guests will receive a more detailed cruise schedule. Throughout the week we’ll also have included onboard activities like yoga, a wine + paint class (with focus on Impressionism) and a mixology class.


  • Onboard Brunch beginning at 10am for any early arrivals
  • 6PM Onboard Safety Demonstration (mandatory for all guests)
  • 7PM Welcome Dinner
  • 9:30PM Walking Tour: Paris Shines Bright at Night “The City of Light” shines brightest at night. Discover Paris in her evening dress with a walk under the bridges along the trendy and alluring Seine bank. From the Granelle bridge, take the steps down to the island and check out the Statue of Liberty. Continue on the Alée des Cygnes and catch a glimpse of the metro on the viaduct. Complete your sensual stroll with pictures at the Eiffel Tower (it sparkles at midnight) and continue your shining evening bar crawling the trendiest bars of the Latin Quarter.




  • Explore Conflans (morning)
  • Versailles Palace & Gardens with Marie Antoinette´s Hamlet (late morning to afternoon)
  • Mixology Class and Paint & Wine (afternoon options)
  • Local DJ Anger Beatz (Onesie/PJ Party)




  • The Best of Rouen Grocery shopping like you’ve never done it before – we’ll follow a chef through Rouen, a city known for its hundreds of bell towers and iconic art installations. Roam medieval streets lined with half-timbered houses and slated roofs constructed during William the Conqueror’s rule. Make our way to the town farmer’s market, built where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake, and hand-select ingredients for dinner. The fish, butter and cream are the healthiest and freshest in the region.
  • Cycle Rouen Cycle through the town and marvel at the architecture and idyllic scenery of this historic town. Bike along the Seine riverbanks and follow the path to Old Rouen to observe colorful Renaissance-era and gothic-style buildings. Continue along the path and visit the historic l’Aître Saint-Maclou cemetery, and ride along the Robec to discover the remains of the 60 mills built along the river.
  • Old City Bar Crawl Join a dialed-in local expert for a curated look at the city’s lively nightlife scene, stopping for drinks at memorable bars in Rouen’s atmospheric historic quarter.




  • Honfleur Wander Ports don’t come any prettier than Honfleur, a seaside French town where the Seine meets the English Channel with back alleys and art studios that spawned Impressionism. Make your way through the different sides of the Vieux Bassin, each with a unique charm.   


  • Cliffs of Étretat The  windswept  cliffs of Étretat,  part of France’s famous  Alabaster Coast, offer dramatic  views that will literally take your  breath away. Spend some time today walking  the footpath atop the cliffs and along the beautiful  beach below. 199.00 €
  • Normandy Beaches Travel  back in time  to June 6, 1944,  when the Allied forces  launched their D-Day invasion  of Normandy. You’ll visit historic  beaches and stop at the American Cemetery  for a special memorial ceremony. Later, get  an up-close gander at the centuries-old (and incredibly  long) Bayeux Tapestry. 219.00 €




  • Hike to Château Gaillard (morning)
  • Seine Side Bike Ride to Giverny A 5-mile bike ride in heritage-rich Vernon, a French commune with a famous old mill, Château des Tourelles and picturesque marina. Then it’s off to Giverny, an artist’s village set against the hills, for beautiful greenery and storybook views.
  • Onboard Silent Disco in the Ice Bar Lounge


  • Kayak the Seine Leave  the real  world far behind  as you kayak along  the beautiful and tranquil  Seine River with an expert guide 70.00 €
  • Monet’s Gardens Impressionist  master Claude Monet  lived in Giverny for  40 years, and his iconic  ponds and lush flower gardens  inspired some of his best-known  work. 35.00 €




  • Parisian Waterways Make the most of every moment with Vedettes De Paris tickets. Check out all the must-see spots, including the Eiffel Tower, Orsay Museum, Latin Quarter at Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Notre Dame, National Assembly and the Louvre.
  • Bike Tour Along the Seine A two-wheeled tour is a great way to get your bearings in the City of Light. Trace the left river bank from the impressive Notre Dame Cathedral to the world-famous Eiffel Tower along Paris’ new urban biking trails. Highlights along the way include exploring the pristine Tuileries Gardens, riding around Île de la Cité and crossing through the Musée du Louvre for a “touch the pyramid” photo op.


  • Lady Marmalade Experience  dinner and a  show at the world-famous  Moulin Rouge, immortalized in  paintings by Toulouse-Lautrec and  synonymous with high-spirited music  and can-can dancers. If you love feathers  and sequins, this is an evening you’ll never  forget. 139.00 €
  • The Louvre The  Louvre  is one of  the world’s largest  and most famous museums,  as well as one of the most  overwhelming. Enjoy walking inside  the Jardin des Tuileries with your  own local expert. Avoid option paralysis  with a guided highlights tour 65.00 €
  • Retro Bike Tour Ste-Germain-des-Pres Discover  the best parts  of France on this  dazzling bike tour. Pass  through the Eiffel Tower, and  marvel at the work of well-known  architects Gilles-Marie Oppenord and  Giovanni Servandoni in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. 85.00 € (makes for a great date option)
  • Parisian Cuisine The  City of  Light is also  a city for serious  foodies. Your expert guide  will take you to some of the  best specialty food shops in trendy  Montmartre, where you can taste delicious  artisan breads, cheeses, wine, chocolate and  more. Bon appétit! 65.00 €
  • Street Art Walk & Workshop Embark  on a unique  walking tour of  the 13th Arrondissement  with a local street art  guide tour, a colorful introduction  to graffiti and street art in this socially  and ethnically diverse Parisian neighborhood. Become  completely immersed in the local culture as you follow  a Parisian artist who will demonstrate the fundamentals of  creating your own fresco on a wall. 79.00 €



  • Parisian Waterways Another opportunity (if you missed it the day prior) to make the most of every moment with Vedettes De Paris tickets. Check out all the must-see spots, including the Eiffel Tower, Orsay Museum, Latin Quarter at Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Notre Dame, National Assembly and the Louvre.
  • Parisian Rooftops The rooftops of Paris have been a muse for countless artists and writers. Enjoy spectacular birds-eye views of the city on this one-of-a-kind tour.
  • Bike Tour along the Seine


  • Parisian Cuisine The  City of  Light is also  a city for serious  foodies. Your expert guide  will take you to some of the  best specialty food shops in trendy  Montmartre, where you can taste delicious  artisan breads, cheeses, wine, chocolate and  more. Bon appétit! 65.00 €
  • Street Art Walk & Workshop Embark  on a unique  walking tour of  the 13th Arrondissement  with a local street art  guide tour, a colorful introduction  to graffiti and street art in this socially  and ethnically diverse Parisian neighborhood. Become  completely immersed in the local culture as you follow  a Parisian artist who will demonstrate the fundamentals of  creating your own fresco on a wall. 79.00 €


  • Disembark + Departures


If you’re interested in attending, message your Concierge #TAKEMETOFRANCE in the app for details on how to apply!



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Ever wondered about your Alma Mater’s League GPA?? Just in time for Graduation season our data team pulled some stats around which college scores best on The League (literally and figuratively ?). Check out our Senior Superlatives and see if your school made our Dean’s List. ?


Nothing says conGRADulations or welcome to the ‘real world of dating’ like a League Membership! 
From now until June 1st you can purchase a $99 1-Month Membership for a new grad by texting #GRADGIFT to your Concierge.  They will send you a special gifting link which, upon receipt, will prompt you for account name to be credited the Membership and a short note that you would like to include.  Your surprised friend will get an email and an in-app message from their Concierge notifying them of your very clever graduation gift.

Not only are you gifting a 1-Month Membership, but if the recipient wants to remain a Member after the month they can unlock our special recent-grad Membership pricing of $59 per month.