“A Christmas Wish for a ‘Once-in-a-Lifetime’ Love Comes True”

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Except of the New York Times Mini-Vows article by Vincent M. Mallozzi
Photo by Tony Bizeta of Yours Truly Media

“I joined the League and hit a home run,” Jillian Mariutti recently told a friend.

Ms. Mariutti, 36, a senior director on the debt and equity financing team at JLL Capital Markets in New York, was not bragging about hitting a ball over a distant wall, but rather, about the good fortune she had in meeting David Nieder on the dating app the League in December 2018.

“He was 6 feet 3 inches tall, 38-years-old and had dreamy hair,” Ms. Mariutti said. “David was such a nice guy, and he was so handsome.”

Ms. Mariutti met Mr. Nieder 11 days after sending a warm letter to the North Pole, while visiting Santa with her niece at Macy’s on 34th street in Manhattan. The letter read in part: “I’d like to meet someone who loves me more than life itself, and for me to feel the same exact way about him — I’m asking for that once-in-a-lifetime kind of love.”

She got her answer, she said, in Mr. Nieder, 41, a senior vice president in credit at Blackstone in New York. As for Mr. Nieder, a veteran of the League, Ms. Mariutti was too good to be true.

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