League Live Playlist #10: Unapologetically Single

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Playlist Unapologetically Single

2020 may just be the best year to be single. 1) You won’t be single-shamed by Aunt Marty at Thanksgiving. 2) You get to do YOU at all times. 3) You can give your fabulously single self all the credit for taking 2020 in stride. Turn up the flirt! Go have a good time on your video speed dates. Listen … Read More

League Live Playlist #9: Single Is In

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Playlist Single Is In

Today is Singles Day! According to a recent article from CNN, the choice to be single is a global trend, and because individuals are finding that “if you’re single, you can redefine the concept for yourself: You don’t have to be lonely, and you’re not a failure.” So, soak it up because #SingleIsIn! Listen here. Tune in every Wednesday for … Read More

League Live Playlist #8: Love Wins

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Single Is In Playlist

This week’s playlist is for anyone who needs a little extra heart getting through today, tomorrow, and the next. Listen to it while getting ready for your League Live video dates, or listen to it because you need a 40-minute time-out from the new. We don’t care! We made it for you.  Listen here. Tune in every Wednesday for your … Read More

League Live Pre-Game Playlist #7: Find Your Boo

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Playlist: Find Your Boo

League Live is tonight and ghosts are not allowed, but that doesn’t mean you won’t meet your boo. We’ve included 48 minutes of tunes to help you get in a seasonally appropriate mood to slay your video speed dates… metaphorically speaking of course!  Listen here. Tune in every Wednesday for your League Live Pre-Game playlist to pump yourself up to … Read More

League Live Pre-Game Playlist: Sweater Weather

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Playlist 6

Fall is officially setting in and things are getting cozy! League Live is tonight, so which sweater are you pulling outta storage to wear for your video speed dates? Here’s a playlist to help you chose between that cable knit and the cowl neck. Happy Sweater Weather! Listen here. Tune in every Wednesday for your League Live Pre-Game playlist to … Read More

League Live Pre-Game Playlist: Voces Latinas #2

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Spotify Playlist

As Latinx Heritage month comes to a close, we are continuing to celebrate Latino musical artists in this week’s League Live Pre-Game Playlist! This week’s soundwaves bounce between Indie vibes and Pop/Reggaeton beats to boost your confidence and put you in a “let’s do this” kinda mood. ¡Vámonos! Listen here. Tune in every Wednesday for your League Live Pre-Game playlist … Read More

16 Online Dating Do’s and Don’ts (especially for men)

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With more people than ever flocking to apps to find connection, now is an ideal time to get your digital dating dialed in. Here are some tips to bring your match-total up while you hunker down—from your friendly neighborhood dating coach.  DO Use a High-Quality Photo for Your Primary Picture This is a game-changer. Your featured photo is the first … Read More

Love In The Time Of Quarantine

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Pink Couch Video Date

If hunkering down has your anxiety up, here’s a silver lining: There have never been more people on dating sites than at this very moment. Since social distancing began, the major dating apps have reported an increase in use, ranging from 10% to 25%. And last Sunday on the League, the number of daily video users hit an all-time high, quadrupling pre-pandemic numbers.