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Members support our mission to keep The League a selective and high-quality dating and social networking community. The League brings together users of all ages, nationalities, sexual orientation and educational backgrounds – the common thread is ambition and a drive to succeed! And a strong desire for a partner that shares those traits, of course. Is there a more important search in your entire life? We don’t think so. Some things in life are important enough not to leave up to chance, and we believe stacking your odds of meeting The One is the best investment you can make in yourself.

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League Live

League Live

Every Sunday at 9pm, go on 3 dates in 9 minutes. You’ll be matched face to face with users who meet your preferences from the comfort of your couch. League Members get priority entry for League Live.

Video Profiles

Video Profiles

Tired of wondering if they really look like their profile pic? Video is a lot harder to airbrush and not only that-- it’s an opportunity to let your personality shine!

Party Scout

Party Scout

Some people are just better in person. Eliminate aimless bar-hopping and navigate your city more effectively. Party Scout shows when there are users nearby who meet your preferences-- without compromising anyone’s privacy.

Premium Perks

Premium Perks

As a League Member, Owner or Investor, you’ll skip the waitlist, get a free profile boost, enjoy customizable profiles and family planning preferences, have the ability to see your stats and create in-app events and groups, and enjoy 2x-5x the match rate of Guest users. *See all perks below

Override the Algorithm

Override the Algorithm

Members get League Tickets that let you override the algorithm - use them to Power Move a Prospect to ensure you are first in their next Batch, or, use them to Boost your Profile and get seen by 3x the people you normally do. Use League Tickets to pump the accelerator on matching!

Video Chat

Video Chat

Want to take chat flirtations to the next level or just do some more vetting before seeing them in person? Video Chat from our messages tab whenever convenient with your busy schedule.


Members see increased quantity, quality, and speed of Matches! Get expedited review off our Waitlist & financially support our mission to foster egalitarian relationships across the globe.

Receive 5 Prospects per daily Batch.

Get as many as 3 dates per League Live party.

View read receipts to see if your Matches read your messages.

Customize your bio to stand out or keep things private.

View your League Profile Stats.

Set default openers to make initiating pain-free.

Get 2 Tickets to buy a Batch of Prospects

Create Groups and invite users in your city to events you list.

Make 5 Friend Requests per day.

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Owners get a bigger daily Batch of Prospects and are seen immediately by anyone they heart. They always know who's liked them in their daily Batch. Receive all Member perks plus:

Receive 6 Prospects per daily Batch.

Get as many as 3 dates per League Live party.

Unlimited Power Moves - these guarantee everyone you like sees you immediately.

Unlimited Rematches ensures you never have a missed connection.

Know if someone has already liked you - the green heart on the profile will be solid.

Accidentally X'd someone? Undo for free.

Make 6 Friend Requests per day.

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Investors get the max daily Prospects and can send a message prior to being Matched. They can also see the full list of who's liked their profile. Receive all Owner perks plus:

Receive 7 Prospects per daily batch.

Get as many as 3 dates per League Live party.

See everyone who “likes you” each day refreshed in real-time. Match & chat with one click!

Send openers to any user in your daily Batch. Tell 'em why they should Match you back!

Profile Privacy. Choose to be seen only by the prospects you like and/or block specific users.

Get Concierge support from an intelligent human dedicated to your success.

Make 7 Friend Requests per day.

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