For some League Love couples, their partner was their first match or first date on the app

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In honor of Valentine’s day, we wanted to share some League Love with you. Like the stories you are about to read, on The League, your first (and forever) match just might arrive in your first batch! #endofbadfirstdates

Emilie & Rylan

“Like proper millennials, we met on the League- this was the first date either of us had been on via the app! On their first date, Rylan approached the girl who loosely fit his date’s profile pictures with – admittedly – too much energy, and as Emilie extended a handshake, Rylan bowled over the appropriate formality and delivered a crushing hug.  2 points Rylan. After dinner, Emilie wanted to witness a little bit more insanity, so she went to a karaoke-type party Rylan’s roommate was hosting. Fast forward – Emilie is 100% invested in Band Time, doing pushups and playing the banjo like she’s wearing a straw hat in Louisiana. 10 points Emilie – Rylan had met his match.”

Jonalisa & Harvey

“Jonalisa had only been on The League for two weeks when I showed up in her prospects and I had only been on for one month! I could tell she was genuinely wanting to get to know me. Our first phone conversation was something like two and a half hours long! After we hung up, I couldn’t wait to get to know her more and meet her in person. Three months later we got engaged!”

Kelly & Bryan

“Bryan was actually my first date from The League! A day after we connected I received a message that was sweet and right to the point asking me if I wanted to meet him for dinner. At first, I was like whoa…who is this guy? But after talking with a few friends from work, I thought to myself, ‘this is how dating apps should work!’ For both of us, we knew that this relationship was it by the third date – he took me to the beach to share with me his love for surfing – it was the first time in weeks I remembered being so calm, happy and relaxed. I texted one of my girlfriends and was like…this might be my husband.”

Brooke & Alexander

“I had been on about 150 first dates with men who weren’t interested once they heard I went to Harvard Business School. You guys can probably keep me honest, but VERY few of those dates were from The League… I knew that men who self-selected for The League would likely have similar priorities to me (education, career, etc.). I joined The League and met Alex shortly thereafter.”

Sara & Nathan 

“Sara was my first League match, and I knew fairly quickly that she was the one. Dating in LA, you meet a lot of “struggling artist” types, and having been in a few serious relationships before with people who were young and still finding themselves, it was a priority for me to meet someone who had the drive and also had achieved some level of success in their career.” 

RoVictoria & Ross

“Ross was my first match and sent the first message. I responded right away and then when I didn’t hear back, I figured it was too good to be true. I couldn’t believe it when he sent another message a few days later. He immediately made it clear that he was interested in meeting up in person, which I found very rare on any other app, and helped me know that he was for real.”

Micharra & Jason 

“Jason was my second date on the league and I was his first. Go figure! It was truly meant to be! He honestly seemed like a genuinely kind person, which was appealing to me. After we’d been dating for a while, it just hit me one day like, ‘ Boom! This is it.’ I just knew. I was completely happy, at peace, and content in the relationship, and I knew he was the one.”

Heidi & Jack

“We were both each other’s first date on The League and during our first date, I realized Heidi was perfect for me. I texted my brother-in-law during the date saying, ‘I think I could marry this girl.’ But I truly discovered that Heidi was ‘the one’ when time after time again she was with me during both good and bad times.

Bailey & Ryan

“Ryan was the only person I talked to on The League because I knew there was something different about him.  It was the only League date the two of us went on and we couldn’t be happier.  First and last date, how about that?! Our conversation and chemistry were so natural.  We both love all things sports and our families have such similar backgrounds and beliefs.  We knew we were a perfect match.”

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