10 Things That Are #SoNotLeague

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  1. BABY MANIAC: How do you politely tell someone to delete 5 out of 6 photos that show off their kid? We know you have your own identity in there somewhere….
  2. THE HOTTER FRIEND: Get your hotter friend out of your photos. Trust us, it’s for your own good.
  3. OBSESSED WITH EX: We know you don’t take a lot of photos, but you need to get your ex out. Or are you creeping?
  4. MARRIAGE EQUALITY ENTHUSIAST: We ALL put that red image up on Facebook as one of our photos too, so let’s not waste valuable photo real estate preaching to the angels.
  5. TALL WHITE SUNGLASSES DUDE: Just because you’re tall with a fancy education doesn’t mean you aren’t required to show us your face. Benched.
  6. CHILDHOOD STAR: We were all cute as kids. Then you grow up. Get over it and show us what you look like.
  7. PUPPY LOVER: Puppies are cute. Again, nothing to see here unless you’re in it.
  8. THE INSULTING TEXTER: Guy’s opener is to ask girl if she has cats because she seems like the type to have tons of cats. Expire. Now. And yes, she told her concierge. #onwatch
  9. THE GHOSTER: He whines to concierge about always having to send the first message / she whines to concierge that no guys message, then they don’t respond when they get ’em. #SoNotLeague.
  10. THE STRIKEOUT: Guy tells girl he’s single. Turns out he’s newly separated and looking to rebound. Cut to scene where girl storms out and concierge is asked to step in. Yes, real life adventures at The League.

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