Chapter 1: Getting Drafted

On Making One’s Profile #Leagueworthy

PICTURES We could write an entire blog post on this. And we will, when we’re not scrambling to launch New York! But here’s some quick tips. If you don’t have a kid, don’t put pictures with a kid. It’s just confusing. Don’t put your ex in your photos. Ease up on mirror selfies. Show 1-2 full body shots. Clear face photo. Take off the sunglasses. No group shots. Have a friend hotter than you? Don’t put them in your photos. The people in here are busy and don’t have time to waste hunting down what you really look like on Facebook. Own it.

ABOUT ME We put a character limit on this because Leaguers don’t have time to read novels. They’re busy. If you can describe yourself in the space allotted, do it. If you can’t, well, maybe just put your favorite emoji. Because everyone should have a favorite emoji.


INTERESTS We pull some stuff from Facebook to get you started, but have fun with this one. Especially if you’re one of those people who claim to be ‘better offline’…

EDUCATION & PROFESSION We pull this from LinkedIn, so edit it there if you don’t like how it sounds (and then push the refresh button on your profile).

PREFERENCES If you’re only trying to date 6’4″ people within 1 mile from you, then your wait will be a lot longer. Also, once you’re in, the number of people who will see you is much smaller and your match rate will be low. That’s because we only show your profile to users who fit your preferences. Be open-minded!

MEMBER REFERRALS Have friends using The League? Get them to use their VIP tickets on you and tell their concierge your name and what a rockstar you are. We give each member the ability to short-list a friend so they can be reviewed and, hopefully approved, faster.

(ONCE YOU’RE IN) PRESENCE Log in regularly so we can learn your taste. The more people you ‘heart’, the more matches you will have. It also helps the algorithm learn your preferences. The matching logic prioritize users who are logging in regularly over users who aren’t, and non-flaky users over flaky users. Unresponsive and inactive users will be kicked back onto the waitlist, so we can keep the League community small and highly engaged.

Okay now that you know what you’re doing, get out there and show us what you got!