The LA Draft Starts Today!

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That’s right, same day as the NFL draft. Clever, aren’t we?

And yes, we know it’s been a while since our last city launch. But we weren’t sitting on our hands, let me tell you. We completely rewrote The League to better meet the needs of our users based on feedback from our beta testers in New York and San Francisco. With such an important city as Los Angeles, we couldn’t risk not having an amazing product experience for them!

In addition to building technical infrastructure that could support more users, The League2.0 is much more offline friendly. The League2.0 takes everything that worked with The League1.0: the double authentication with Facebook & LinkedIn, privacy from Facebook friends and Linkedin coworkers and connections, and the same high-quality vetted community of ambitious individuals, and adds awesome community features and group chat allowing our members to easily meet each other offline via events or group activities.

One of the core issues with dating apps today is the activation energy required to get out of your comfort zone and spend 1-2 hours meeting someone new, which more often than not doesn’t pan out. This is part of the reason ‘ghosting’ is such a problem because taking the last step to ‘going offline’ is a big jump for people.

With League2.0 we focused on how to build features and leverage group chat in a way that could allow our users to easily meet potential matches doing what they love to do, whether it’s at the events they are going to with their friends, or engaging in interests and activities that they enjoy doing anyway. This takes the pressure of the whole experience and makes it much more enjoyable way to meet new people. The group chat allows our users to coordinate their own meetups as well, so they aren’t dependent on The League to host the event, or to make the connection.

OFFLINE HANGING > ONLINE DATING, and The League aims to make offline cool again.

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