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You may have noticed something different about your daily Happy Hour batches recently! Yes, that’s right, it’s official– The League has gone Monochrome! With Monochrome View, every potential Match you see will have their first photo displayed in black & white. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to see that same photo in full color by swiping through all of their photos!


Substance > Superficiality The League’s research found an increased time spent in evaluating potentials profiles that were in monochrome. Colors can distract from the more important aspects of one’s dating profile. Monochrome View will allow you to look at more than just looks and check out your potential Match’s witty bio or badass career! In fact, our research shows that users spent on average 2x more time looking profiles “treated” with Monochrome View over those in the control group. Maybe it’s time to update your bio and interests since users will likely be looking at those a bit closer!

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover: Not only did users spend more time evaluating each profile- but The League’s research found that users were nicer and gave people more of a shot. Our research confirmed that when a user’s first photo is monochrome they had a greater likelihood of being ‘hearted’ compared to when that same first photo was in color. Our A/B test revealed that those with profiles “treated” with Monochrome View enjoyed a 10% higher acceptance rate over those in the control group. Yep, that’s right we’re doing this to help everyone in our incredible community get more matches!

Cultivating a Courteous Community: We want The League to feel like a black tie affair! Although we may have some of the same people in The League as you may see on regular dating apps we want our experience to feel like walking down the carpet. Monochrome View reiterates our rules of engagement and the fact that once you’re in the League we expect you to be on your best behavior! You would never text someone you met at The Oscars, “U up?”,… would you!?

Read more about Monochrome View on TechCrunch!





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