New York Joins The League!

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5 Reasons NYC Dating Just Got Better….

  1. 50:50 RATIO: The guy:girl ratio inside The League is always 50:50. Yes, this is unlike the streets of New York (sorry guys!), but better than everywhere else in the world.
  2. NO FIXER UPPERS: We know you’re busy building your empire and you don’t have time to deal with the BS found on those other apps. The girls & guys on The League could all be presented to the ‘rents without flinching, we promise. Our concierges have no qualms about kicking bad apples out either (there are other apps for them).
  3. SKIP THE VETTING: Remember last time you talked to that dude/chick in the bar for a full hour before they told you they were [18/backpacking from Sydney/living on their parent’s couch/commuting from White Plains]? We do all that dirty work for you. Heavy petting > heavy vetting, as we like to say.
  4. ELIMINATE THE SWIPE STRUGGLE: We block you from your coworkers and Facebook friends so you don’t have to face awkward ‘do-I-swipe-right-or-left’ work etiquette dilemmas.
  5. OFFLINE > ONLINE: We’re 100% aware we are a dating app, but that doesn’t mean we don’t believe in throwing kick-ass parties regularly for our League Allstars to meet. You claim you’re ‘better offline’? Prove it.

Yes, we’re still beta and no, the app is NOT bug-free by any means, but we want to make sure we are building an app that works for the super-weird-yet-awesome New York dating scene, so we didn’t want to hold out on NYC any longer. We’ll be very slowly drafting people into The League so please be patient, report bugs, and let us know what critical feedback & suggestions you have so we can incorporate it into the next release! Your comments dictate our roadmap, and we know you New Yorkers know how to speak up.

Want to get in faster? Follow our profile tips (e.g. skip the duckface selfies!), invite friends via the button in the app and follow us on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

New York, welcome to The League!

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