Dating Tips for Single Dads

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We all know dating with a busy schedule can be tough! Between a demanding job, an active social life and a solid workout regimen it can be challenging to fit in that League date. Imagine doing all that plus picking up the kids from school, dropping them off at soccer practice, and maintaining your status as ‘the cool dad.’

In honor of Father’s Day we decided to put together our top 5 dating tips for single dads sourced directly from the experts– single dads on The League!

Always Mention that you have Children in your About Me: Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy! Including the fact that you have children will not only help show who is really #1 in your life but will also help disqualify those who aren’t ready for your ever-changing schedule or to be someone’s step\parent!

Adjust your Expectations: In dating, we all have specific deal makers breakers. When you have a child, it’s important to de-prioritize your picky preferences in the name of finding someone who loves your child as much as they love you!

Scheduling is Key: Having a child can be very impactful on your schedule so when you’re interested in going on a date with someone, ask about their availability up front! Be sure to build dating into your schedule! You deserve a great date which won’t happen unless you set time aside to put yourself out there!

Remember Corny ‘Dad Jokes’ are in A silly and punny opener is always a great way to break the ice! Need inspiration? Just watch out for our Happy Hour push notifications!

Have Photos WITH your Kids, not OF your Kids: Your kid is cute and all, but if you’re thinking this will get you more ‘Hearts’ you’re wrong. Show off your cutest matching Yankees outfits or summer time swim shorts

While you’re in the process of putting these tips into action, check out these fatherly stats:


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