7 Date Ideas For The Most Festive Time of Year

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The holiday season isn’t just the most wonderful time of the year. It can be the most romantic— jingling bells, twinkling lights, crooning carols… The holly, jolly atmosphere makes it easier to create a romantic connection. Sure, grabbing drinks is fine, but let’s think outside the gift box. Here are seven ideas to make your dates merry, not scary, during the holidays.

See The Lights

Forget sleigh rides. Take your date on a sight-seeing drive to enjoy the best—and mock the worst—holiday light shows in your area. You can even dress in your PJs and bring a thermos of hot chocolate. The most dazzling displays will fill you with cheer. And it’s a blast giggling at the most garish offerings—you know, the front yard packed with nine massive inflatable reindeer. Ho, ho, NO!

Netflix & Cuddle

Agree to a double feature: You watch your date’s all-time favorite holiday movie, and they watch yours in return. Things get lively when you learn what the other person considers a “Christmas” flick. Some might suggest the holiday classic, “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Other’s might choose “Die Hard,” which, yes, takes place on Christmas Eve, but is decidedly not a holiday film. Hey, opposites attract!

Shop Around

If you become a couple, you’ll have to go shopping sooner or later, so turn a stressful chore into a fun date. Do your holiday shopping together, and end by bringing your bags of goodies to a favorite bar and celebrating your work with a pair of hot toddies.

Make Cookies

Who doesn’t love Christmas cookies? Often the best dates center around an activity you do together, and cookie-baking fosters teamwork and creativity while letting you devour the frosting-covered fruits of your labor.

Go Ice-Skating

Don’t worry if you’re no Michelle Kwan. Hit the ice. Being vulnerable enough to fall on your tush a time or two is very attractive and shows your adventurous side. Other outdoorsy date options include sledding, making a snowman, or having a good old-fashioned snowball fight. 

Visit A Holiday Market

Just Google “Christmas market” and you’ll likely find a nearby option or two where you can shop for artisan items, and grab some cider, hot chocolate, and baked goods. 

Go Caroling

Nothing puts you in the holiday spirit like caroling, which dates back to 15th Century Europe. Not only does your audience smile ear-to-ear, but you get to show your date what a great set of pipes you have. They might just fall in fa-la-la-la-love with you right there.

Connell Barrett is a dating coach for men and the founder of DatingTransformation.com. Follow him on Instagram at @datingtransformation.

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