“I heard about the League when I was living in SF working at KKR. With a demanding profession & little extra time, I was excited to meet similarly driven guys in other industries. In 2016 I made the Forbes 30 under 30 list for finance & subsequently found my future husband who is incredibly kind but just as career-focused as me.”
New York City, New York

Tell us your #LeagueLove story in your own words!
Mark’s profile caught my eye right away because he is British, which immediately peaked my interest as I lived in Europe as a kid and love to travel. He wrote in his profile that he was looking for a relationship with a “caring, smart, value-centric girl” which I thought very wholesome and exactly what I was looking for rather than a fling. We met in person quickly after connecting through the League, and saw each other every day that first weekend. Friday was our first “coffee date,” Saturday we went to dinner and bowling, and Sunday morning he and his puppy cheered me on as I ran across the finish line of a race in Central Park. He was witty, handsome, successful and that British accent just made me melt. The rest is history!

What stood out to you about each other’s profiles?
Mark had just adopted an adorable Cavalier King Charles puppy whose eyes just make you melt in his pictures!

Who initiated conversation on The League and what was the conversation like?
I don’t remember who initiated but one of my first questions was whether he still had a British accent.

How did this match feel different than other matches you had previously?
Mark came across as confident and a no-nonsense type of guy. Even if it didn’t work out, I knew he wouldn’t waste my time.

How long did it take before deciding to meet up?
We met in person the first week of chatting, so essentially right away.

Where did you go on your first date?
Mark asked me to meet him for coffee in the lobby of the Royalton Hotel on a Friday afternoon. I’m not sure they even serve coffee there because we were so engulfed in conversation, we never ordered anything!

When did you know that this was “your person?”
I knew Mark was the one for me after he went out of his way on multiple occasions to spend time with and get to know my family. My family is extremely important to me, and having someone who shares those same values made my decision easy.

What do you each consider a unique aspect of your relationship now?
Thoughtful surprises. Mark knew that I love dancing but it was not something he had done before. So he secretly took dance lessons for months to surprise me at a friend’s wedding pulled out all these great moves!

What are 3 things you value in your partner?
Great communication, a sense of humor, and the resiliency to work through hard times together.

Are there any upcoming milestones in your relationship?

We are getting married this July in New York City!! Lots of planning left to do, but we are very excited for the big day!

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