Samantha & Andrew

“Dating accomplished individuals was very important for both of us. We’re both grateful for The League & only being given a few matches a day gives you time to look at someone’s profile before swiping away.”
Los Angeles, California

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Andrew and I were introduced at a giant tech New Year’s party. With a few thousand other people there that night, we made no real connection besides a few lines of small talk. A few months later in April 2017, I came across his picture on The League and remembered his bright smile, and we matched! I’m so glad we were only given a few matches a day, it gives you time to really look at someone’s profile before swiping away.

We exchanged the normal awkward intro messages, but he asked for my number within a couple days and I thought, “This guy means business!” Within a week, we were on the phone for hours each night like a couple of sneaky teenagers! For our first date, I actually neglected a small detail and ended up at the wrong restaurant. I was in Long Beach, Andrew was waiting for me at a restaurant of the same name in Los Angeles – when I called him he immediately whisked over as if an annoying SoCal freeway drive would not stand in the way of our new fling – I’m so glad he did! Ever since that day, Andrew has consistently shown me that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make sure we’re happy.

He’s an amazing planner, listener, and makes me laugh non stop. In December of 2017, in an outdoor theater in downtown LA, he proposed and I said YES! I’ve been in plenty of longer relationships before that didn’t have nearly as much marriage potential. The League provided me with prospects that met some basic checklist items (education, career, city), but it’s up to the people to make connections. If you want a checklist guy – you can find one on your first swipe. But if you want someone you’d fall in love with even if they didn’t have the resume, be open. Hopefully your date doesn’t show up at the wrong place! We are extremely grateful that we were brought together by The League. Increase your odds, survive the waitlist, and get the hell off Tinder!

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