MATT & Rebecca

“While dating I shared with him that I wanted to start my own company & become a successful entrepreneur. Now, not only have we started a life & family, but are also starting a company together.”
San Francisco, California

Tell us your #LeagueLove story in your own words!
Our story began before we ever saw each other’s profiles. While having dinner with a girl friend of mine, we were discussing the ups and downs of dating and I decided that I wanted to describe my ideal partner to ‘put it in the universe.’ After our dinner, I signed up for The League and also a few other dating services. Within our first few dates though, I knew Matt was the exact person I had described during the dinner weeks before. It gives me chills to think about it still! We were engaged 7 months later and he has continued to keep a smile on my face—being my supportive, smart, handsome, loving and one-of-a-kind partner that I pictured and described. Since that time, he has been nothing but supportive in my journey to leave my established career with a leading company and start from the ground up with my own new company, the Bloomi. @thebloomi

What stood out to you about each other’s profiles?
Honestly, besides his handsome photo, I loved seeing that he was driven and excelling in his career.

Who initiated conversation on The League and what was the conversation like?
Matt started our conversation with a mix of small talk, a bit of sarcastic humor and great questions to get to know me better.

How did this match feel different than other matches you had previously?
There was a easy vibe with us and we always wanted to spend our free time together. He never let the date end without asking about the next one — I loved that!

How long did it take before deciding to meet up?
A few days.

Where did you go on your first date?
We met at a wine bar for happy hour and actually decided to make it a tradition so we returned to the same place one year later from our first date.

When did you know that this was “your person?”
I was a single mom before I met Matt. The first day he met my daughter, he sat with us at the park (in freezing temperatures) and accepted her invite to watch cartoons after we couldn’t last in the cold. I was already in love with him but seeing him interact with her on that first meeting gave me a glimpse into what our lives would be together.

What do you each consider a unique aspect of your relationship now?
When we were dating, Matt and I talked about our careers, family and life goals. I shared with him that I wanted to start my own company and transition from corporate world to become a successful entrepreneur. He has been an amazing partner who values my ambition, my passion for women’s health/sexual wellness and the natural risk-taker in me. We are not only starting a life and family together, but we are also starting a company together that will hopefully make a difference in other people’s lives.

Are there any upcoming milestones in your relationship?
We just got married in December, launched our company in January and hope to bring a little one into the world in the upcoming year!

What are 3 things you value in your partner?
Loyalty, intelligence and chemistry.

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