“We met a few months before I started business school at Stanford, since then, he’s started his turn at business school & is my biggest cheerleader in starting my company.”
Los Angeles, California

Tell us your #LeagueLove story in your own words!
Tracy and I met a few months before I started business school at Stanford – aka the time when I was LEAST interested in starting a relationship (that’s when it always happens, right?) We had loads of mutual friends and so much in common – so the chemistry was hard to deny. Over two years in business school we integrated our friend groups and families and traveled all over the world. Since then, he’s started his turn at business school, and he’s been my biggest cheerleader in starting my company, Brains over Blonde. @BrainsoverBlonde

What stood out to you about each other’s profiles?
“I thought his smile was TO DIE FOR! It was so big and happy & genuine. Also – his name.”

Who initiated conversation on The League and what was the conversation like?
Tracy did, after we had chatted on another app and never met up. We had a bit of witty banter back and forth, and ultimately met up for a tennis match (which extended to dinner and drinks).

How did this match feel different than other matches you had previously?
The ease, chemistry, and no pressure

How long did it take before deciding to meet up?
Maybe about a week.

Where did you go on your first date?
We went to a tennis match at Stanford, which extended to sushi, wine, and Yogurtland.

When did you know that this was “your person?”
We both expressed that we imagined being together “forever” on our first New Year’s Eve together

What do you each consider a unique aspect of your relationship now?
We’re teammates. There are no gender roles. We both have big dreams and high aspirations – and we’re partners in those dreams.

Are there any upcoming milestones in your relationship?
OUR WEDDING! in August 2018

What are 3 things you value in your partner?
Kindness, humor, and loyalty.

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