Philly + Atlanta + Miami = ?

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We’re so excited to announce that 3 new League cities went live today: Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Miami! Thanks to those of you who sat patiently on our waitlists and tirelessly encouraged your friends to sign up so we could get The League started in your city sooner rather than later! You spreading the word is the reason we are here! … Read More

London League Goes Live Today!

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The League Team is super excited to announce that The London League went live today for our 2000 founding members! Yes, it’s our first international launch, and yes, we’re unbelievably excited for the opportunity to help London’s best & brightest find love! Here’s to creating some rockstar London Powercouples! Want to know more about our founding class? Get on our … Read More

The Dry Era Ends for BOS & CHI Today!

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We’re excited to announce that The League has officially launched in private beta in Chicago & Boston! Call us aspirational, but we really believe a new era of dating is finally here and that apps like The League will become the main way people meet going forward. Our goal is to grow our dating app into a community and brand … Read More

Why Impatience Is A Virtue In Dating

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I hate to admit it (especially as the founder of a dating company), but I hardly have time for dating. If I’m lucky, I’m able to carve out time for one date a month, and if I’m honest, I’m likely looking at my phone for half of the date. I know I know, something I’m working on. All this to … Read More

The LA Draft Starts Today!

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That’s right, same day as the NFL draft. Clever, aren’t we? And yes, we know it’s been a while since our last city launch. But we weren’t sitting on our hands, let me tell you. We completely rewrote The League to better meet the needs of our users based on feedback from our beta testers in New York and San … Read More

Why Dating Apps Make Us Feel Cheap

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My first tagline for The League was ‘for people who hate dating apps, by people who hate dating apps’. Let me explain.  At the ripe age of 31, I have tried pretty much every dating app out there (hey – it’s my job!), so let’s just say I’ve experienced a few digital charms or “super-likes” in my day. Digital charms are something … Read More

New York Joins The League!

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5 Reasons NYC Dating Just Got Better…. 50:50 RATIO: The guy:girl ratio inside The League is always 50:50. Yes, this is unlike the streets of New York (sorry guys!), but better than everywhere else in the world. NO FIXER UPPERS: We know you’re busy building your empire and you don’t have time to deal with the BS found on those … Read More